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Love magnified

door killea

Love magnified

You send me messages
which I cannot understand
perhaps the music is too loud
of my favourite rock band

I hear your voice as I read
but cannot decipher the words
blinded by emotion, crying
from stampeding crystal herds

and every tear is so dear
for what could never have been
there's nothing you can do
against the light I have seen

so cast your net as far
as you possibly can
maybe you will re-catch
back your true woman

the more I hear and read
about your thousand lies
the more I shall deliver
whilst I search the skies

you were my moon
and I your fifth star
time for you to go
I have raised the bar

as I await the winter
and then the crocus
you sink lower, love
to serve your Orcus

there was a time when
every word I kissed
now nothing was true
while you fed your tryst

thank you for the money
your barrister a reasonable man
we've made a deal, for real
"love you, love you more, my woman"

so kiss you-know-whose fat arse
look at your devastated family
you destroyed so much
you took your wife's sanity...


feedback van andere lezers

  • Danvoieanne
    nice xx
    killea: thanks Anne
  • joplin
    killea: thank you Joplin
  • andremoortgat
    Barrister magnified ? !
    killea: No, it is just a message, with love under a magnifying glass...
  • Annelies
    what love can make you feel and what it does to your heart, good or bad. x
    killea: exactly Annelies
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