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Devil incarnate

door killea

Devil incarnate

You, beloved, come
to me under disguise
which in your situation
is no great surprise
and yet, I cannot
leave you be
you have the strength
and hold on me
in all your attempts
of camouflage, it is only I
who suffers the consequence
my love, judged by many
I have no excuse
there is none, not any
just hoping you will survive
the pressure from the mob
who don't understand
that only our heart's throb
for each other as always
all the play, I obey
I have no idea how
we will survive the affray
at the highest level
I know in my addicted heart
you are the Devil incarnate
so bring it on, babe
into this duality of love and hate...



feedback van andere lezers

  • Mistaker
    Pleased to meet you!

    Greta xx
    killea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRXGsPBUV5g
  • andremoortgat
    Also pleased
    killea: me too! Andre
    er ligt niets zo dicht bij elkaar als liefde
    en niet geliefd zijn
    hou van je zelf
    een beetje meer dan van die andere
    killea: Yes! you are so right, and I do. Then again, without love I am nothing. Tostoi wrote, "all I ever learned or know is from love", and it is so true...
    thank you
  • dichtduvel
    A pleasure to read, j
    killea: thanks for your fine FB, J
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