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door killea


Another short stopover
two days and two nights
of adoration and long talks
with you

how I love your serious, stern face
where the slightest smile
makes my heart light up
for you

I still wake at five a m
as you had commanded me
to be on line morning, midday and night
just for you

I'd tell you that I love you
you'd reply, I love you more
and I believed the promises made
by you

now we cannot do this anymore
there is too much at stake
it is so difficult to live a secret lie, even
for you

my heart breaks and tears flow
not a single one with regret
I may never have loved again
if not for you

yet, the hardest thing for me to do
though it's not the end of love
darling, for now, I have to say goodbye
to you

stopovers too few and far between
this romance and I, much too fragile
to be the balm for what you've done and seen
be safe, beloved, until we meet again
I salute you



feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    To you, with you, for you
    if not for you...
    I always salute you
    killea: thank you Andre
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