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door killea


You offer me Dubai, baby
proposals on your yacht
carrots that don't mean a lot
empty arms, heart of gold
this does not impress me
you offer me Africa
anywhere in the world
my world exist only
in your eyes, be told
I love you without gifts
you are my inspiration
to be all I can be
without a destination
the road is the journey
and nothing will deter
from the love I send each day
and you echo with fervour
the situation I love and hate
two horns on the same goat
all that impresses me
is you, you, can you not see


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Africa or Dubai...
    The drums to
    offer do my play

    killea: It all sounds grand, but it is not for me, been there, done that, thank you Andre
  • greta
    Het materiele is niet belangrijk. Nooit.
    Liefde is alles.
    Beautiful words Killea.
    killea: many thanks for your fine FB Greta
  • Danvoieanne
    Beautiful ...
    killea: many thanks Anne
  • Annelies
    Love is the biggest gift in the world :)x
    killea: so true Annelies
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