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Queen and Princess

door killea

Queen and Princess

See that woman over there
Which one, my dear?
The one with the long, red hair
Oh yes, the one with big nose
I've seen her many times before
She's even been to my front door
And the child skipping by her side?
Her granddaughter, they say
There's nothing those two haven't tried
They play hopscotch in the town square
And people stop and smile or laugh
At the woman and the child over there
Oh really? What else do they do
When it rains they go for walks,
Puddle jumping, those frivolous two
She calls the child Princess
The child calls her Queen
Just look how they are dressed
The funkiest pair, I've ever seen
They go to the white bridges
And search in the murky water
Looking for fish and a crocodile
That woman and her granddaughter
They went to the castle just to see
If a beautiful Princess was home
The woman exclaimed, it cannot be
The child disappointed, asked why
Because you are out, walking with me
They talk and talk, a two language chatter
And look, and touch, and giggle
At all things that really matter
Just for the fun and joy of it
They ride escalators down and up
She, only interested in beginnings
For there, is so much hope
She knows about life's innings
The end has no merit, if truly faced
Except to finally demonstrate
how badly hope has been misplaced
See that woman over there
The infinitesimal, loving care
Of which the Princess is yet
So totally, blessedly, unaware
And people will, I dare to say
Speak of them highly
Along the way, perhaps, one day…

© June Killea


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Along the way, perhaps more days
    when the sun is back they go for walks...
    (now the snow is falling)
    killea: we care not about the weather, we make the best of it
    thank you Andre
  • Vardar
    Long live the ones that have simple souls and spirits. They are the happy lot. Never forget to jump in a puddle with your children or to climb a tree.... dance in the streets and laugh. Life is too short to be serious all day :)
    killea: Indeed Vardar, what pleasure it gives to dance in the rain and not have to be ashamed, children, souls so pure
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