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In my dreams

door killea

In my dreams

How love blooms so fine
for all the wrong reasons
reality so far fetched
always just out of reach
how could it be so wrong
if everything seemed right
the dreams, of a lonely night
there is nothing in life
more precious than love
nothing makes sense
without it, nothing at all
every word written, gently
with a pen dipped in the blood
of my heart, beloved, beloved
cool is the pillow
where I lay my head
hot is the blood rushing
through my veins
my longing pains
no shoulder to lay my head
my tears fall on a deaf ear
because you are there
and not here…



feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Cool is the pillow
    also this lasting winter there
    (lucky not in my heart…)

    killea: Your heart is keeps you warm love
  • Annelies
    dreams make you think of things you haven't...but dreams are there to follow, cause maybe, one day, they become reality :)x
    killea: how profound you are Annelies
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