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The Well

door killea

The Well

The well is empty the tears are dried
plans are made just to go wrong
should've been taught from the word go
better the devil that we know
how does one get so distracted
important is the lie that drags us into
eternity,and beyond the day we die
let the sorrows run through our fingers
let the mirror scream its reply
the seagulls' quark as the bell tolls
a world of perpetual show and tell
love a distant memory, so close
palpable, fleeting words, into hell
the well is empty except for some coins
from wishful, whimsical, fools
dried tears, cling like muck
embedded in the soul like jewels


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  • andremoortgat
    Let the sorrows run through your fingers
    Synshine wille come back
    killea: today the Sun shines and the sorrows glow
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