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door killea


Looking back on all those
composers of who we are
the sweet tones, the harsh,
loving, disdainful, horrid
leaving one in an ocean
without a safety vest
those that fished us out
to get on with it at best
the jolly who remember us
as dog shit stuck to their shoe
and others who know truth
the beauty that is all you
a composition that clings
like a perpetual super glue
wrenching at the soul
or soothing the heart
no longer in control
compounded like a recipe
time to throw it in the wind
and scream to the world
you have no idea, I am free
the purpose of existence
include you all indeed
but nothing not a thing
has anything to do with me…



feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    I have no idea, you are free
    to decompose...
    (Perhaps nothing... not a thing
    has anything to do with you )
    killea: not a thing Andre
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