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Via Apia

door killea

Via Apia

Beloved, how can you go on
without a sound or song
do you still wake in the morning
thinking about us, as your dreams
leave you with a flickering gold dust
and at night do you still look
at the skies, to see your sidekick
I wonder, and wander through
each day, another full of yearning
my heart still beats for you
with desperate longing, love
you write such beautiful words
which pull on my heart strings
and yet, I know not how we
shall ever sort out these things
perhaps it will all be fine
and soon, so soon, we shall
be able to experience again
the love so deep, so divine
take care and be safe always
I will be waiting for you
today, tomorrow, every day
will we meet on the via Delarosa
or the via Apian way


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    To experience again
    on the via Delarosora
    or the via Apian waya
    I hope you succeed !
    killea: yes, I hope so too love
  • greta
    A nice place to meet again. Les us hope the waiting is not too long!
    killea: thank you sweetheart
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