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door killea


Sugar-coated words, sweetheart
sent with fairytales of love
swift, precise, a poison-tipped dart
promises drawn from my lips
laid bare on your copious screen
from my heart, with my fingertips,
when you last looked in my smaragd eyes
and we kissed into heavenly longing
to say our lengthy tours of goodbyes
did you not feel my soul cry out,
the tears pour down my face,
did you not hear my heart shout
I needed a much better deal
when we were united in ecstasy
the solace of touch and feel
creating our song of devotedness
I thought I knew it all, but no,
nothing, of the depths of emptiness



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  • andremoortgat
    Emptiness of winter-sorrow will pass
    I heard spring coming into my grass
    killea: Ich danke dir mein lieber
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