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River of Tears

door killea

River of Tears

Sitting in the dark waiting
despite illumination of knowing
from the trickle of the source
babbling brooks, billowing
meandering ever towards
other places, increasing speed
incensed, raging waterfalls
beauty we so crave or need
love washes, lapping at shores
this way and that, the river
like love, diverts, flows, adores
comes and goes, stays awhile
tears mingle with strange floods
a farewell to huge moments
a heart like a Spring flower buds
onwards ever onwards
to see it to the very end
and end it does, with elation or
depth of despair, beyond the next bend
where it carries life's cargo
oceans know no love or hate
so go my love as you must
whilst I sit in the dark and wait…


feedback van andere lezers

  • Danvoieanne
    killea: thank you Anne
  • dichtduvel
    Eric Clapton? j
    killea: absolutely not Jef,which song?
  • greta
    Sad song.
    Graag gelezen.
    killea: many thanks Greta
  • andremoortgat
    Sad but beautiful
    killea: many thanks Andre
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