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door killea


always keeping us apart
my tears of a bleeding heart
past, present, but no forever
here and there days together
you do your best to come here
closing the gap to be near
defying all the time zones again
when you go, I feel how insane
this love takes me to the edge
and no amount of bets we hedge
will make it right, and all I know
is hopelessly, I love you so
let's cut the thread which binds
close our eyes, and blinds
you have amare infinitatem
we'll finish with a solemn amen
life isn't fair with a 'so be it'
I take the initiative to quit
as true as my tears flow free
I'll think if you as you of me
all what's finally left to say,
my beloved…goodbye...J.A.



feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Your poem is closing
    the gap to be near
    'so be it'
    killea: Thank you Andre
  • greta
    De song is emotie, recht naar het hart.
    killea: Thak you Greta
  • bragt
    gevoelige, pijnlijkere interpretatie
    killea: it comes from the heart, bragt
    many thanks
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