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door killea


You wrote the greatest love mail
I have ever longed to receive
yet the wind blows into the balloon
and I know it will burst real soon
there is a difference between us
knowing this, I know there'll be a fuss
confusion reigns and love remains
a configuration, a coagulation of trust
you cannot begin to imagine
the ramifications of what you ask
as in the fantasy of love you bask
I know the deal, and it ain't real
love does not rely on fashion
it is a fusion of hearts in union
a depth of deepest passion
where truth and trust an absolute must
like a balloon full of hot air
with the slightest overtones will bust
and I love you for your intent
though why, only heaven knows
how much you live to torment
as you leave me to my misery
the time, and distance to repent


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    Like a balloon full of hot air...
    Who the f.... shows so much flair ?
    killea: That, dear Watson, is the question!
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