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Waiting II

door killea


There are moments in time
when one looks at someone
hears their voice, every nuance
surprise hits, as the heart fills
with overwhelming fullness
a knowing that it will be embedded
like a diamond set in gold
forever, and never despite odds
will that moment be forgotten
feeling the impact of perfecting
one's history, with that picture
touched by the stars mirrored
in eyes and on broad shoulders,
manifestation of a memory
so dear, one daydreams, still,
awaiting his remorseless return…

"He whom loves touches not walks in darkness." Plato


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    "Manifestation of a memory"...
    and Plato knows !
    killea: thank you dear Andre
  • jan
    when Harry met Sally.....

    superbeautiful June!!!

    killea: nice to read you again Jan, thank you
  • greta
    Your poems are beautifull.
    killea: Thank you so much sweetheart, appreciate you reading me
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