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door killea


Just when you think you are
a blitz of magnitude, a déjà vu,
there and gone again
a split second later the words,
gush from a mouth so true
it is out there , it is said,
'I love you'
a reply, a replication by a degree
'I love you more'
there is no-ones else to see
caught in a web once more
when you thought, finally free,
something, that in this life
you will never be
and there they are, on you shoulders
demon on one side, angel on the other,
both whispering about your invincibility


feedback van andere lezers

  • andremoortgat
    A déjà vu,
    look for the angel
    forget the demon
    killea: thank you Andre
  • greta
    Onzichtbaar maar wel tastbaar.
    Nice poem.
    killea: thank you Greta
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