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What comes around...

door killea

What comes around…

No more "I love you"
no more "I love you more"
nothing but emptiness
standing tall outside my door
you pierced my fragile heart
you frazzled my brain
with your big hands
grabbed my soul and claimed
without blame, drove me insane
you carried me upstairs
like an ancient Greek god
sold your soul for political shares
you, the greatest man of men
I surrender to your fate
I am so hurt, I cannot even cry
and I won't, you want to know
the bloody reason why
'cause you'll be back once more
by then, my love there will be
someone else I adore…


feedback van andere lezers

  • drebddronefish
    Torment with a tremendous degree. Love your high tide phrasing.
    Nice to read you again.
    killea: many thanks Manuel
  • andremoortgat
    " 'Cause he 'll be back once more"
    there fore some one else should wait
    killea: Ha! thank you Andre
  • julien_maleur
    i was happy to read this poem.

    killea: glad to hear it Julien
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