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Out there...

door killea

Out there…

There's magic in the air
I feel a change coming
and I want to be there,
Autumn whispered to me
get ready for my colours
life branches all waiting, see,
get your basket, witchety true
to collect the yellows and reds,
as you usually always do,
decorate your window sill
while I dance just for fun
there's magic and goodwill
breathe deeply, enjoy,
I will soon be out there
to renew, and not destroy...


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    mooi Killea - een hoop die ook hoop mag zijn :)
    killea: thank you ivo
  • andremoortgat
    Magic and goodwill
    A positive stroke
    killea: thank you Andre
  • danvoieanne
    beautiful magic ....
    killea: thank you Anne
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