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Herengracht te Middelburg

door killea

Herengracht te Middelburg

She walked along the canal
the weight of generations
of acute abandonment angst
compressed her heart,
her hand held the small one,
separation tearing her apart,
there is no cure for goodbyes,
no turning back, the route is set,
yet the tugs of love endure.

It was still, so quiet, no wind at all,
almost dark, the lanterns glowed,
she and the child stopped
to look across the water,
the mansions, big and small,
reflected, attached, replicated
bound together by their shadows,
in the black mirror of the water,
by the twilight of a cloudless sky.

Trees not yet bereft of all leaves,
made no sound in the silence,
all she could hear was the pounding
of her heart, overflowing teardrops
rolled down her cheeks, the beauty
overwhelmed them with awe,
and they talked of other walks here,
a joy, once taken for granted,
by the woman and the child.


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    een droevige ondertoon Killea alsof de dood meestapt ook al is het leven dat primeert
  • danvoieanne
    droevig gedicht
  • andremoortgat
    Sfeervol herfstbeeld
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