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I wonder

door killea

I wonder

strolling along the banks of the water
which mirrors the static embrace
of its villas and trees ready to burst
with their ever present life
in my mind I talk to you
as if you were there beside me
thinking of your answers
showing you the beauty, look,
I say to you, isn't this grand
or I discuss issues at hand,
talking in the ether of our existence
questioning my internal conversations,
perhaps I am mad...no doubt a little,
yet I wonder, in a world of possibilities,
do you talk to me too?


feedback van andere lezers

  • Vardar
    I like the last part... in a world of possibilities... we all talk to the ones that have left an imprint in our hearts ;-)
    killea: thank you Vardar
  • andremoortgat
    You wonder...
    keep it and go on !
    killea: Thank you Andre
  • danvoieanne
    Beautiful xx

    killea: thank you Anne
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