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Thanks Giving

door killea

Thanks Giving

Mountain, Mountain
you took my breath away
a star-filled ceiling,
your secrets night and day
sucking me into your spell,
leaving your peak
you showed me your vale,
my heart skipped a beat
the magnificent scale
morning scents and sounds,
a river, a constant song
I hear you still...
a soft, enduring so long
in your embrace
beauty and strength reside
with generous love
in times of a rough ride
so on this day of gratitude
a tear rolls down my cheek
not sadness, just devotion
for your tenants, your mystique
this glorious life, filled to the brim
with friendship family
I give thanks for all our days
and our internationality...


feedback van andere lezers

  • Muis
    Nice! It's a song when you read it :)
  • danvoieanne
    SUPER*** beautiful thanks giving ***
    killea: Thank you sweetheart.
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