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Empty page 3

door Fushigidane

Oh empty page
how do i long for you to be filled
To be full and done
Filled with whatever was your destiny
Filled with what makes room for the next page
Filled with your original emptiness put into words
For emptiness is all i have to give to you
All else will remain destined to the next one
Or maybe even to the page behind you
For you have never had to have either content nor context
All you've had to be is an empty page
Filled with remnants of poems and ramblings of yesterday
So this is how you meet your end
How you meet your maker
For an empty page you are no more
An emptied one you will remain


feedback van andere lezers

  • doolhoofd
    Upon The Sand by Khalil Gibran, from The Wanderer:
    Said one man to another:
    "Long ago, at the high tide of the sea, I wrote a line upon the sand with the tip of my staff; and people still pause to read it, and they are careful that naught shall erase it."
    And the other man said,
    "I too wrote a line upon the sand; but it was at low tide, and the waves of the vast sea washed it away. But tell me, what did you write?"
    And the first man answered:
    "I wrote this: 'I am he who is.' But, what did you write?"
    And the other man said,
    "This I wrote: 'I am but a drop in this great ocean.' "
  • Vardar
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