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It is so...

door killea

It is so..

Locked in a cycle
it turns again
wheel of fortune
bicycle spokes
forever turning
moods are up
or down, deep
in the depth of sea
ever changing
waves of joy or misery
little blue pills
taking the edge
of unsuspecting destiny
keep calm energy
what will be will be
relief comes slow
a must to go on
despite the sadness
the sneak of madness
no tears, no remorse
just another day
to get through
remembering the way
it wasn't supposed
to feel so bad
where are you
when I feel so low
and I know
to maintain the show
festering emotions
undeniable life rotations
on and on I go
face it, take the bow
time ticks along
while I love you so
unrequited it is
the break a must
no matter in the scheme
constancy for those
who play the games
on expected plans
how happy are they
that can always dance
according to the plan
I don't know how...



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