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Strange Tales from the Town - Revenge (1)

door killea

Anne lay on her bed in a fetal position, wretched with misery her endless sobs shuddering through her body. She wanted to die. Michael had dumped her. In their favourite restaurant no less, straight after dessert. She had noticed a change in him when they met; her internal instinct had checked in immediately with a gnawing lump in her midriff, a knowing that something was amiss. She had felt the cool chasm between them as their usually buoyant conversation was stilted, forced this time. When he told her it was over between them with the old spiel that it was nothing to do with her, but only about him, she just sat open-mouthed, glued to her seat. All the plans they had made, the sweet love-making, the fun and games were over from one minute to the next. Disbelief and pain filled her being and she begged him not to do this. He said how sorry he was, paid the bill and left her sitting on her own to deal with his betrayal. Blinded by tears she ran home. Only those who have loved deeply, know how excruciatingly painful it is. She had hoped she would fall asleep and wake up to find it was a nightmare, but no sleep could be found, and she lay weeping on her tear-drenched pillow all night. She just wanted to die.

As the first rays of sun entered the room through cracks in the curtain, she got up reluctantly, having needed to relieve her aching bladder for several hours already.
In the bathroom she stared at herself in the mirror. Unrecognizable. Swollen eyes, red nose, deep indentations where imperceptible lines had been. She washed her face with cold water. A cessation in the flow of tears did not lessen the hurt of her broken heart. The debilitating ache of loss in the highest realms of human interaction, the loss of the love of one's life, was numbing. None the less, she started to auto-function. She made herself a cup of coffee, drinking it far too hot without noticing, and sat otherwise motionless in the chair staring ahead. Emotionally exhausted she remained that way for the longest time. The rest of the day was just a blur and in the late afternoon she lay down again in bed to continue her mourning and thankfully fell asleep.

When she awoke the following morning, for a few seconds she thought her world was in order, but only for a few seconds. Then the full force of her new lonely existence hit her again. This time she let a few latent tears roll down her cheeks, but she had cried herself out, there was nothing much forthcoming. Fleetingly the thought of suicide crossed her mind which she brushed away with a new thought. If she couldn't have him, nobody else would have him either. She was going to kill him!



feedback van andere lezers

  • GoNo2
    Dat belooft !
    killea: Thanks
  • Mephistopheles
    Love can be a dangerous thing. Curious to know how she's going to do it.
    killea: thank you, Bert
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