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Strange Tales from the Town - Revenge (2)

door killea

Two days later Anne opened her second-hand book store again. It was situated below her apartment; a property she had inherited from her mother. The cosy little shop barely let her make ends meet. She supplemented her income by giving tarot readings to a handful of customers, charging them twenty euro per reading. This extra income allowed her to live comfortably, with a short, budgeted holiday each year. What her tarot customers did not know was that she had no talent whatsoever as a clairvoyant. She had no special gift needed to be a good tarot reader, and made everything up as she went along. Now her mind was filled with her desolation and thoughts of revenge, hoping for some divine intervention that would supply her with the ultimate idea how to best execute the demise of Michael Saunders.

Every day her mind was on nothing else, and within a few days her obsession paid off with the development of several scenarios. It had to be foolproof as she did not want to go to prison or even become a suspect. At the end of the week Michael came into the shop with a plastic bag full of things she had left at his apartment. He handed it to her and they spoke briefly. Outwardly she remained completely calm, her exterior pose showing no sign of distress although her heart was thumping. For a moment her love for him sparked but as he turned and left, the mad hatred took over again. A week later she saw him walking arm in arm with another young woman in the distance. Instead of diverting to avoid running into them, she headed straight toward them. They were both so wrapped up in each other, they did not notice her approaching. "Hello, Michael", she said. Michael and his new friend stopped in their tracks. He blushed, "Hi Anne". "Aren't you going to introduce me"? Anne asked. "This is Linda Simons, Anne Lovelace", he quickly said. "Nice to meet you Linda, I hope you will be very happy together", Anne said pleasantly smiling at Michael as she moved on passed them. So she was the reason he broke up with her. Tall, elegant, beautiful Linda Simons, her thick blonde curls cascading over her shoulders and back. Jealousy permeated Anne's being and burning tears sprang to her eyes. She now felt vindicated that her plans to murder Michael were justified, and with the new surge of obsessive hatred she put her mind back onto her scheme.

Firstly, she needed a new lover so as not to bear the appearance of the forsaken girlfriend to the outside world. Anne was quite lovely, petite, with huge dark eyes and shiny black hair. What made her most attractive to men was her outgoing nature with an essence of vulnerability. She had several admirers but the one she would focus on was Thomas Beddington, a friend and customer. Thomas, a primary school teacher, would come into her shop almost every afternoon to chat, look at books, have a cup of tea from the samovar in the reading corner where he would sit for an hour or two. Anne, knew he was smitten with her, although his shyness had never allowed him to be inappropriate, knowing she was taken. Anne decided she would make a move on him. She liked him well enough, and although he was by no means as good looking as Michael, he had a certain innocent charm and would be perfect for the role she intended for him to play.

That same afternoon when Thomas had found a book and was having tea in the reading corner, she sat down in one of the plush chairs opposite him to chat, as she had done many times before. He was always delighted when she did this. She told him of the break up between herself and Michael, and that she felt it was for the best. When she asked him whether he would like to have dinner with her the following evening he was beside himself with happiness.

The following evening the dinner went well and when Thomas was leaving she kissed him long and passionately leaving no ambivalence as to the plane this relationship had entered. Thomas went home dizzy with expectation, whilst Anne went to bed well pleased with herself. Phase one had been implemented.



feedback van andere lezers

  • GoNo2
    Knap !
    killea: Thank you Noel
  • Hoeselaar
    Beste Killea mijn engels is niet zo uitmuntend dat ik daarmee een conversatie kan beginnen, te zwijgen een verhaal uit te diepen. Wil me ook niet wijzer doen voorkomen als dat ik ben.

    Groetje Willy
    killea: Thank you Willy
  • Mephistopheles
    Unlike Hoeselaar my English is well enough to understand your story and words. I'll keep reading you because your writing is great!
    killea: Thank you so much, Bert
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