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Strange Tales from the Town - Revenge (4)

door killea

When the clock reached twenty minutes past six again, Anne began to worry that she had given Penny too much tranquilizer. Just then her cell phone in her pocket rang, the sound giving Anne a fright. She had a big sign up that cell phones had to be turned off in the shop, and now her phone was ringing for the second time. It was Michael but she quickly turned it off. Penny had heard the ringing too and slowly stirred awake, and as she reached full consciousness Anne was still talking about the cards, telling her that the love of her life was just around the corner or already in her life. "I must have nodded off!" Penny exclaimed. Anne looked at her. "No Penny, you went into a sort of trance. It's happened before, don't you remember?" Anne said, still looking at the cards. "I, er no, I don't remember," Penny replied looking at the clock. "My goodness, no time has passed, so I must only have been out of it for a minute or two." Anne got up, "let me get you a fresh cup of tea and we'll continue the reading." Half an hour later, after a very positive reading with many open ends assuring Penny would be back for clarification the following weeks, Anne locked the door of the shop. She reset the clock and went up to her flat to shower and change. The whole time she had been wondering what Michael had wanted. No doubt he called just to let her know when he would collect his things. She dressed in a short black skirt and low cut blouse. Then she pulled self-adhesive black stockings up each leg and slipped into black patent leather, two-inch high heels.

In the kitchen she prepared a fresh salad, and threw some spaghetti into her large pot, and in another the Bolognese, which she had prepared in the afternoon, was heating up. Quickly she set the table and lit candles around the cosy room. A bottle of Chianti and two glasses, completed the table. She was just putting the cooked spaghetti in a sieve when the bell rang. Thomas stood at the door with a huge bunch of red roses; he kissed her on the mouth. Anne thought he was lovely, and felt a slight pang that she was only using him, but then again their relationship would no doubt continue after she had banished Michael forever out of her heart, and life itself.

After dinner they took their glasses of wine to the huge sofa and sat close talking about nothing in particular. Thomas finally kissed her long and deep, caressing her breast with one hand while his other hand held the back of her head. Fervently, Anne returned his kiss, and as his hand wandered up her thighs between her legs she gasped with pleasure. "Let's go to bed," he whispered in her ear. "No," she replied, and stood up to remove her slip. She unzipped his pants to free him, whilst he sat back letting it all happen. Anne then straddled him, lowering herself onto his erection her arms around his neck and her mouth on his. Slowly she rocked back and forth. He gripped her buttocks and moved her faster up and down, both totally lost in the strokes of passion. Before long she climaxed and he followed. They lay down arm in arm on the sofa and fell into a light sleep. Recovered, they undressed and again made love, this time savouring each other's bodies with ease and time. Spooning on the sofa, they whispered for a while. Then when Anne was almost asleep, Thomas said, "I'm so happy you got over Michael so quickly." Anne drowsily replied, "Oh, I'm not over him yet," and fell asleep thinking how glad she was they were not in bed. She had not changed the sheets yet as she could still smell Michael's presence on his pillow, and wanted to hold onto her grief, love and hatred for as long as possible.


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