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Getaway (60 word story)

door killea

Passport, cash, credit cards, and all the keys to the house and cars were stashed in her bag. Her small suitcase with her personal things felt weightless - she was travelling light. Listening to the drunken snores resounding throughout the house, she gently made up her sore, bruised face. Then she closed the front door behind her for the last time.


feedback van andere lezers

  • Dora
    Oef, vakantie.....
    and there she went, finding horizons that have colours she already knows, taking herself to new sites where she feels new and the same at the same time but brave.
    killea: Dora this is not about a holiday but about escape from an abusive

  • manono
    Well, I hope it is the last time.
    Lots of women come back more than once.

    She forgot one important thing : her health insurance card.

    A story that gives me goose pimples.
    killea: Thanks you Christine
  • Magdalena
    de kortheid maakt dit zeer krachtig!!
    'k Wens dit vrouwtje toe dat ze ergens in een klein stadje aan de zee een prachtig nieuw leven opbouwt....
    killea: thank you Karine
  • marrik
    A bit short, isn't it?

    killea: It's a thing they do in English internationally published magazines.
    This was published years ago, as was my poem A Shell and I am soon submitting an excerpt story from my book, which I hope will be accepted. At least I know my stuff is read by millions of people then. So no, it isn't short - quite fun to do. 60 word limit to a story. Might just write another soon. xxx
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