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Nick Santiago Borden (1)

door killea

Without a word Nick shot him point blank in the chest. As his brother fell backwards, his hands clutching the mortal wound, Nick just turned around and walked out of the house. It was his first kill as a civilian; one of his own. He felt nothing. Through the dark dunes of his childhood, he made it back to the road from where he jogged all the way home. Christine was already in bed. After stashing the gun away he showered and slipped under the covers. She welcomed him with a sensuous kiss. He made love to her hard and fast, and when his tension was finally released he held her for a long time whilst silently crying into her shoulder.

Three weeks later, after the body of his brother had been released for burial, Nick stood next to the grave supporting his grief-stricken mother. Her favourite first-born had been murdered and he would remain a saint in her eyes forever. Nick could live with that.

The clear blue eyes of the only child at the funeral stared at him from across the grave. He looked back at her and acknowledged her with the slightest nod then turned his attention back to his weeping mother……..

* * *

By the time Bart was twelve he already had the reputation of a trouble-maker at school. His exploits won the admiration of his mates and the frustration of the teachers. A reputation that would stick to his younger siblings in more ways than one. Bart's escapades with his friends had come to the attention of the police on several occasions, but were not serious enough for charges to be made.

At home he was the perfect child. Pleasing, well-spoken and ever ready to lend his mother a hand. He was held up to Sarah and Nick as a shining example.

Two years younger than Bart, but by far more intelligent, Sarah was an A- student, popular with the girls for her sharp replies to the pesky boys and teachers alike. She always delivered her sometimes scathing remarks with a sweet voice and well-mannered precision, infuriating the recipients of her sharp tongue. With her dark eyes and blonde hair, she was a pretty bud, who would later bloom into a beauty.

Despite her high grades, she did not escape deprecating comments from the teachers who had had the misfortune of teaching Bart. When her polite, smart comments taunted, she was often accused of typical "Borden" behaviour.

Sarah displayed none of the polite well-mannered behaviourism she had mastered for the outside world, when she was home. She was aggressive, rude and obstinate, showing little respect for her parents and none for her older brother whom she fought incessantly over everything. She would call her mother 'stupid' under her breath, and ignored her as much as she dared. The fights with Bart never remained verbal but inevitably ended in a physical scrap. Her size and strength were a disadvantage, but the intensity of her rage towards Bart made up for her shortcomings. Blood and bruises were often the result if their mother was not around to terminate her children's fracas.

The one thing that drove Sarah mad was Bart's bullying or hurting Nick. Seeing it, she would fly at Bart knocking him down, her small fists pounding at her older brother. Nick always hid somewhere when they started fighting and often cried with guilt. He wished she would not be so protective, yet on the other hand felt safe because of her.

Sarah had sussed Bart's sneaky viciousness out at an early age, and although they pretended to get along most of the time, there was no love lost between them. Nick was often confused how he fit into this family. All he knew for sure was his love for Sarah. She was his teacher, protector and beloved sister. He admired his big brother and strived to be like him in many ways, but he kept that to himself.

At five, Nick's new adventure, school, was taking over. Sarah still read to him each night and the adventures of Treasure Island excited his thriving imagination. He could already read thanks to his sister, but both children did not want to give up these daily magical moments they shared, pulling them into another world.

The three would all head off into the dunes together with their mother's approving eyes watching them go. As soon as they were out of sight, Bart would meet up with his mates and Sarah with her girlfriends, though she always kept Nick close by. Nick didn't mind. He would play by himself acting out some scenario from the book they were currently reading and felt content knowing Sarah was in the vicinity.

At eight Nick's sister was experimenting with make-up and Bart with cigarettes and other things. They all still went to the dunes to meet up with their respective friends but each went their own way. Nick was a loner, and although he had a few friends at school, there was no-one special with whom he wanted to share his solitude.

This all changed when Danny came into his life. Danny was a year older than Nick. Small for his age, a shy lad, glasses and the biggest ears. His ears actually stuck out like two ceremonial flags, making him an easy target to tease.

When Nick came across three boys tormenting Danny, calling him Big Ears, pulling on the protrusions and poking him, his curiosity and inherent siding with the underdog, led him to see what was going on. Terrified, Danny looked at Nick assuming another bully had joined the group. Nick pushed past the others and stood in front of Danny who was close to tears. He turned to the other lads and in no uncertain terms and terminology well learned from his older brother, swore at them to piss off.

Initially shocked, they stepped back in unison. When the bravest of the bullies opened his mouth to say he wasn't afraid of Nick or his big brother, Nick replied with a kick to the boy's shins and a threat to tell his sister. The mention of his notorious bodyguard sent the boys scurrying off. Nick picked up Danny's glasses and handed them to him. It was the beginning of a long friendship.

"Those are mighty big ears ya got. What's ya name?" Nick asked.
"Danny. Me mum said they'd get fixed when I'm older."
"Wanna come play in the dunes?"

Nick told Danny the story of Treasure Island embellishing here and there as they acted out many adventures. In the distance Nick saw Sarah with a group of her girlfriends practising the latest popular dance.

The following month Nick and Danny went to the dunes or to the beach every day. They became inseparable. Nick with his long dark hair and brown eyes in contrast to Danny's curly, red hair, glasses and of course the big ears. It was a grand time to be a boy.


feedback van andere lezers

  • Dora
    Good story.... what's next?
    killea: Thank you for reading me Dora
  • hettie35

    Heel mooi en vlot om te lezen,
    groetjes Hettie
    killea: Many thanks Hettie
  • Mistaker
    A pleasure to read.

    Greta xx
    killea: Many thanks Greta
  • GoNo2
    In Highway van Ghislaine komt er al een hoofdpersonage dat Santiago heet. Lees het er maar op na, ik had een beetje meer orginaliteit van je verwacht....
    killea: Well whatever you expected, please note I have never read anything from Ghislaine, as for originality, look in the mirrror
  • Johan
    More! More! More!
    killea: It's coming Johan, thank you
  • Ghislaine
    Because you never read something by my hand, you mist an inportant factor. Santiago is mine. So please chance the name !! I note this to the webmaster.
    killea: are you out of your mind? How pathetic is this. Santiago is as common as Smith, is there a copywrite on the name?
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