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Cunting I

door killea

Since the day his pimeltje stood to attention, that sunny afternoon in the boys' school toilets, when they all pulled them out for the purpose of measurement comparison, and randy discussions which would have made their mothers faint had they heard them, he knew he and junior would conquer the world. He was born for cunting. Later in the day, their music teacher asked the class to sing 'A hunting we will go". He with his sweet, loud voice changed the wording, setting a wonderful example for his fellow school mates, and sang:

A cunting we will go, a cunting we will go,
Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a cunting we will go!
A cunting we will go, a cunting we will go,
We'll catch a lady foxy and put her in a boxy
And let her give us a blow…..

The boys were screaming with laughter and joined in singing his new version over and over again. Their teacher couldn't believe his ears and went up to the initial perpetrator and gave him a good smack across the head, and sent him to the headmaster. He, a bit of a cocksman himself couldn't hide his amusement and just told him not to do it again (bursting out in laughter after the boy closed the door behind him).

That was the beginning of a life of cunting for this little shit.


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    jongens en mannen toch, alles moet gemeten worden .. alles ..en alles heeft een maat
    killea: So true Ivo, thank you
  • jan
    bet he's cunting birds now;-)
    killea: Yep, but he'll be sorry !
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