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My Street (vignette)

door killea

My Street

A roof-tile fell into the middle of the narrow street in front of my house today,
the sound like a mighty crash. I took the broom and collected the sharp shards, and wondered whether it was from my roof or the opposite. A neighbour immediately sent an email to my daughter to tell me to get clear of the road, as another tile was about to fall. As I placed the rubble in the rubbish my phone rang to tell me to stay off the road. Within five minute two huge trucks came to check the roof and replace the tiles, and ten neighbours gathered to chat and watch. When it was all over and done, I received a message from Afghanistan….


feedback van andere lezers

  • jan
    this story really gets me worried June, was this the result of a storm or an earthquake?
    killea: I didn't feel the earth move Jan
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