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A year in the life of Rosie Leroy III

door killea

A year in the life of Rosie Leroy III

I woke up shivering, sore and in dire need to pee. Hearing Josh in the kitchen talking to his bloody, flea-ridden cats, I slid down off the roof and opened the back door which is never locked. As I stood there, Josh stared at me open-mouthed. He looked as if he would hit me, so I told him to hang on a moment while I relieved myself in the toilet. Shit, he looked like death warmed up, and I probably looked even worse. Back in the kitchen, he had made me a very welcome cup of coffee and told me to go into the lounge, sit down, and tell him all about it. Where do I start?

"I don't know where to start," I stammered. "I'm just so glad you didn't get hurt last night." Tears of frustrated exhaustion ran down my grimy face.

"How about at the bloody beginning, you lunatic!"

"Okay, okay, but I'm not sure what this is all about. Let me drink my coffee, so I can think more clearly." He rolled his eyes to the heavens, and waited.

"Look, I'm not sure myself, what it's about, but it has something to do with an email or two I sent these past days." I mumbled between sips. My mind was slowly getting a clearer picture of the night before, and the fear gave me goose-bumps, and I started to shiver.

"I'll run you a hot bath, and get you some of my clothes to put on." He gave me a kind pat on the shoulder. "Take it easy, you're safe here for the time being."

Grateful, I sank into the steamy water when it was ready, listening to Josh preparing some breakfast. The smell of bacon brought on pangs of hunger. After drying myself off I put on the jeans and jumper, socks and slippers he had brought in. We ate voraciously, in silence, and after another cup of coffee, it was time for talking.

I told him about the nightly visit, having in the meantime thought it over again and again.

"They couldn't have been from the military police, could they? I mean they would have been wearing some sort of uniform if that were the case."

"What did they want from you?"

"I have no idea. I've been researching some things due to a friend in the armed forces in Irak. He's a high-ranking officer and I cannot give you his name, the less you know the better it seems."

"Okay, but what have you been researching?"

"I received some names, and stuff going down which involved millions of dollars, but I can only guess what it's concerning. I don't really know anything of any great importance, and wouldn't want to get involved in anything illegal."

"Are you working for someone?"

"No, it was purely research in the name of nosiness!"

"Christ, will you never learn to leave good alone?"

"I didn't ask for any of this information, I was only asked whether I could be trusted, and I guess I said yes."

"Can you access your emails from here?"

"I have no idea, they shot up my place and probably took my computer or blew it up. How should I know. I really have to get back to the house, but it's no doubt swarming with police. I am so glad you didn't get hurt, I nearly died when they knocked at your door, I was peeping around the corner through the bushes at the end of the street."

"Didn't get hurt?" He pulled up his sweatshirt and showed me a massive bruise on his midriff.

"They ransacked the place looking for you!"

I had to smile then, as his place didn't look any worse for wear than it usually did.

"Listen, I will go to your house and see what is happening there, while you try and get some sleep. Don't open the door to anyone. I'll just check out what is what, maybe I can salvage something if I can get in."

"Try and find my wallet, my bundle of keys, and if the hard-drive of my computer is still in order bring that too. Also, and this is most important, in the little green Chinese pot behind the complete works of Shakespeare are my memory sticks."

"Oh, anything else Madam would like me to bring?"

When he left, I lay down on the sofa with a blanket over me, and although I was ruminating about the situation I was in, I fell asleep.

Some hours later the doorbell was ringing in the distance, and then the thumping on the door woke me. Adrenalin flooded my body. I rolled off the sofa and crawled underneath, the dust nearly choking me. As I lay there the thumping continued and I expected the door to be kicked in at any moment.


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