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door ovlijee

The smile on her creole face and the twinkling in her eyes, that's the image I want to see projected on my iris forever and ever the moment I die. Many a beautiful things to remember if you ever visit the oldest city of Europe, but she hit the jackpot. Romantic soul and anachronistic as I am I was lost like the needle on a compass in the neighborhood of a magnetically charged field. This was fatal attraction. And the Light of Cadiz shines her never ending story. And the sea like always was a silent witness without judgment. A fatal blue, waving her million hands, and she swayed like golden brown drops of honey on a white background.

The waves hit my back with salty fingers and the wind from the Sierras blew dryly offshore. Revived I admired her when she was dipping her elegant feet in the Atlantic Ocean and like an unwilling gazelle she was postponing her baptism. Her breasts were naked but I just felt tenderness. Her waist was slender like a palm tree wanting to touch the eerie heaven and her hips a metaphor for the land of milk and honey. Promises and surprises blossom wealthily in the fertile Andalucian country and the only thing troubling me was leaving this heavenly creature in this land were the sun shone like a golden insect with possibly violent stinging angles.

A mermaid I wanted to be and swim endlessly with her to deserted shores and no civilization. Naked but intelligent like dolphins, sensitive as whales, singing seducing songs with booming deep frequencies that seem to have secret messages for extra-terrestrials to save our decadent self-destructive souls.

Everything felt right all of a sudden, and the fact that time did not want to stop for our silly attraction towards each other, did not matter. I was cherishing the littlest moments with her. The smallest molecule seemed to hold the universe and I did not want to crawl like a child inside her to escape reality.

She dove like the most elegant of birds in a crashing wave and sneaked up on me but I saw her lean back through the crystal clear water. The salt and her voluminous curly hair were a match made in heaven and although she was like a Carabbean mulatta her blond hair was lighter than the colour of her smooth skin.

"Mi gaviota." I called her when she surfaced and embraced me.

"Ay, que asco, let me be a flamingo!"

What she said reminded me of a time Flemish was exotic and strange and the fact that I left my country because I had enough of the exotic and the strange. Was I wrong to come here and escape my responsibility? Or was it natural to take the bullshit no longer and seek my happiness somewhere else and become an immigrant myself?

"Que piensas, my giri?" she said.

"I do not want to go back home." I answered.

She started to laugh and squeezed my cheek. I wanted to say something but she put her hand on my mouth. As I tasted the salt of the sea on my lips she whispered in my ear:

"Hush, silly giri, you áre home!"

In the distance the city of Cadiz trembled because of the heat. I wanted to look at her but the light was too strong to keep my eyes open. I just felt her warm embrace and her light gentle kisses on my shut eyelids.

Let there be light, I once was blind but now I can see.

Estoy en casa.


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