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A Christmas message to the world...

door eisenik

Tradition had left us with stories and rituals, brought from one generation to the other, unquestionable acts of our way of life. And as we saw the world and time pass by we started to wonder if there was still a reason for us all to be performing these rituals. We engaged in new projects and tried to find out what we had been living for all these centuries. It seemed that moral values had not joined in the cultural and natural evolution, then what was the value of these? How can we call ourselves human if we allow all this dread, violence and disaster to be caused upon members of our species. Why can't we control our own destiny and why can't we achieve happiness for ourselves and our fellow humans? Cause we are scared? Cause we are lazy? Cause we don't see that we have all the means to provide and care for all of natural live and existence? So many questions with all the same answers; Yes we can, yes we know and no we don't. Why are people even buying Christmas gifts? What is there to celebrate? The birth of good news that was killed by mankind? The beginning of a new era of errors? The togetherness of people that can't stand each other? Not out of protest but out of lack of interest I refuse to buy gifts, for those I love shall experience my love in a true form, not in a plastic wrapping. I fail to think how I can solve my own frustration but I will surely not shut up about it or ignore it, I will let my anger feed my energy and I will let my energy establish small deeds of kindness and small acts of bravery in order to change the human spirit into what it was suppose to be; a creative force of nature striving for the best it can imagine. There's is nothing transcendent about paradise, there is nothing post mortal about heaven, live is a living mystery preparing for its true form; an infinite resource of information and energy exchange, providing good vibes, love and glory to all children of mankind...


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