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Love is free

door Queen_V

I just wonder how the world would be,
If the things I wanted I got for free

Like that old record player, that awesome bag
Or those super expensive shoes.
But most of all, I wonder how my days would be
If you where here, right up tight next to me…

It's not my fault; you blessed me with the deepness of your soul
This feeling flows in me, all through the 4 seasons of a year
It's even greater than the biggest virus known to man
It's true; I can't put you of my mind, no matter how old this news is
''You are different and unique even for me''

There is no one but you in the reflection of my soul
Autumn was breezy, surprising, new and impossible
Summer started out without hope but it got gently close
Fall was a mutual connection and understanding
Winter was cold, very cold; luckily inside it was warmer then ever
''I promise you, you are so perfect for me''

Your words are wise, alive & penetrating
Your jokes are priceless, witty & entertaining
Your way of being is humble, gracious & interesting
I'm telling you: your way of being is my kind of living

That's just it: we would be great
It's not only me, the whole world would agree
So don't you dare blame me
As if I'm blinded by your charm

I just wish you would stroke my arm
And say: not today but one day
I'll be yours and you will be mine
No matter how hard time seems for now
Don't you cry my dear love
Cause I would never lie

That one day when the sun would shine
You would stand up to say something smart
"The greatest things in life are free"
Followed by a touch of your hand
And that long awaited deep sealed kiss
I would believe you and I would be yours
Not only for that moment of joy,
But for the time we lost and for the infinity to come

I already knew what I adored the most in you
You would always see right through the bad, the good
The past, the future, that's how with age you knew

It wasn't a game or an honest mistake,
You knew this would be worth the risk
You knew this would click,
All we needed was that magic hour
Cause you and me; we are one of a kind
We are just like yin-yang and Bonnie & Clyde…

No regrets and no withholds
With heart and soul
Your love


feedback van andere lezers

  • doolhoofd
    Geen fouten deze keer. Wel heel lang. Ik zou sommige dingen anders schrijven maar meningen verschillen altijd.
    Queen_V: Ik ben er zelf niet volledig van overtuigd. Drm dat ik het er toch opzetten voor commentaar te krijgen dn het dan hopelijk aan te passen. Dus wat zou je anders geschreven hebbe?
  • Danvoieanne
    heel lang..
    Queen_V: lang is toch niet slecht ... het is ook geen gedicht het is meer een verhaal... grts
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