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The Nanna Chronicles...

door killea

The Nanna chronicles...

For the past week I have had a four-legged, little canine staying with me. His official name is Bolle. When he and my beloved granddaughter first set eyes on each other, it was love at first sight, and ever since she has come every day after school to walk the dog with me. Friday I had a young student, Joanna, to whom I teach English, and the dog was immediately attracted to her too. He just loves children. We were into the lessons one hour, when my granddaughter having arrived home earlier came knocking at my window to be let in. Bolle, who in the meantime had been renamed Stinky, due to an obnoxious emission from his rear end, was thrilled to have two to shower attention on. Pandemonium ensued. Although I kept on teaching, the interjections of granddaughter playing with Stinky were numerous to say the least; my sweet pupil and I did our best. Granddaughter decided to join us by the window and squeezed in behind us whilst Stinky was at our feet jumping up and down. By now, every time Joanna verbalised a word, Miss four-year-old smarty-pants translated the word into Dutch, and Stinky gave a bark to confirm his dedication to the English language. Amonst the many giggles from both children, despite their age difference of about four years, I tried to keep a remote semblance of control to fulfil my duties to my student. Finally the mother arrived to collect Joanna and after a small chat, and excited chatter of Joanna telling her mum all about the 'lesson', I took granddaughter and Stinky for the peaceful evening walk along the canal, delivered the child back to her parents for dinner, and thought that was the end of that! An hour later I get a phone call from my granddaughter to come over and bring Stinky with me. I sat with my daughter on her terrace for a while, and it was very obvious that Miss four-year-old, does not listen to her mother at all. She wants what she wants, and all the ignored NO's, were causing extreme maternal frustration. I went home, and sat peacefully at my desk by the window, when all of a sudden my granddaughter who wanted to come to my house again, goes tearing down the street with her mother in hot pursuit. Having caught her, they passed my window, the child's hands outstretched to me screaming Nannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help!

The following morning she was back to take the dog for his first long walk, and we went and got icecream. We sat on a bench on one of the bridges across the canal and she said to me, Nanna, you and I belong together. For a split second I was deeply moved, then thought, Yeah right - looking for a partner in crime more like it!


feedback van andere lezers

  • ivo
    toch mooi hoe je ziet hoe kinderen kunnen opgroeien en hun capriolen later voor de nodige lachbuien zorgen - knap geschreven - en die hond stinky - je kan met voeding er wat aan doen dat die minder gas produceert.
    killea: many thanks Ivo
  • andremoortgat
    Hopelijk geen Gas-boetes
    Enjoyed this ...
    killea: many thanks Andre
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