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feedback van andere lezers

  • Francis
    -Recognisable those gifts I don t see any ghost (anymore)
    -Hellooo! If I was you I would use a white line so now and then makes it more relaxed for the eyes, otherwise people might get dizzy..
    -Be carefull about German s Yes they are fucking Crowds but they have a lot of people who might be your customers ..
    -Nice touch to King with Christina.
    My Alpha is collected by the taxcollectors M....f....'s!. It was a beauty (exdiplmotcar) a big one.
    Very luxury, I miss him
    Gr Frans xx
    killea: thanks for all the above. White line, I was wondering what you meant. Paragraphs of course. Sometimes i am too thick!
  • klaver4
    this is a long but beautiful one; a tat mystical even!
    I always look at clouds and old trees! Once I took a picture of a cloud, that looks like Niagra Falls!
    haha, here Romeo's Alfa again :o)
    killea: Well I had a really bad day with this one as it is more autobiographic than you could imagine in your wildest dreams. Suffice to say, and work it out yourself, I do and it did - the cars story completely true.................enough said

  • Vansion
    Hypo- and hyperthermia ... written as if you lived it yourself ...
    killea: Yes, isn't it!
    thanks for reading me, Vansion

  • Ivan
    killea: thank you

  • Mephistopheles
    Sjorendijk must be an interesting little village. This was a long one, but if it's well written it's worth the attention and that's certainly the case.
    killea: Thank you so much for reading me.
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