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I Give, Devise and Bequeath (2)

door killea

Michael Haddon sat at one end of the long mahogany dining table, whilst Pierre Carter sat at the other end. There were five other beneficiaries of Simona's will sitting at the table including Deborah who sat to the left of Pierre. Michael Haddon read out the list of beneficiaries to make sure everyone was present, then he began to read the will. "This is the last will and testament of me Simona Eve Carter nee Wilkenson. I give devise and bequeath the whole of my estate of whatsoever nature and wheresoever situate, free of all duties, to the following." Pierre bowed his head so no-one could see the slight smile creeping onto his face. Here it comes, he thought. Haddon went on to the distribution of the huge sums to the two of Simona's family members, and the one old lady at the table, a long-time servant to the family as well as donations to several charities; the sum totaling one million pounds. The house and beach house and contents thereof were bequeathed to Deborah under the condition she live in the house with Pierre for a total of five years. Pierre looked up shocked. He looked at Deborah and at Haddon lifting his palms upwards in an expression of what the hell is going on. Haddon went on, "to my husband, who has cheated on me all our married life and especially because of the utmost deception with my dearest friend, Deborah, I bequeath a monthly income of three thousand pounds. The remainder of my estate amounting to around fifteen million pounds will be kept in trust by the firm of my trusted solicitors Fisher & Haddon, until Deborah and Pierre are married, when the whole amount will be distributed to them equally, in yearly payments of one million pounds for each year of marriage. In the event of the premature death of one or the other, the amount will be paid in total to the extramarital son of my husband Pierre Carter. Signed, dated and witnessed by Deborah la Terra, housewife, and Leonie Smythe, nurse". Haddon looked up into the shocked face of Pierre and the even more shocked face of Deborah. Pierre started shouting he would contest the Will and jumped up and ran out of the room. Deborah followed him. The rest of the beneficiaries shook hands with Haddon, thanked him and left the house. Haddon, left copies of the will on the table and also departed; the shouting and swearing of Pierre ringing in his ears from somewhere in the house.

Pierre had run into the kitchen to grab the meat cleaver and ran back into the living room and was hacking away at a beautiful portrait of his dead wife, cursing and swearing in an uncontrollable rage. Deborah stood back not knowing what to say or do, waiting for his energy to subside. When the canvas was finally in shreds he dropped the cleaver and sank down on the floor. He stared at Deborah with pure hatred, as she stared back still not able to utter a word. Finally, Deborah said she was going home, and would be back the following day to discuss the will with him, and as the house in essence now belonged to her, she would appreciate it if he did not destroy anything further. Pierre told her to get out and he needed to think.

Deborah left wondering why her friend had done this and how she was going to explain it to her husband, Marco. What she did not realise was the fact that when she had leaned over Simona on that last day, Simona had seen the antique locket which once belonged to her great grandmother between Deborah's breasts. The unique locket of a heart of diamonds with a ruby in the centre, could only have been given by Pierre, and sealed the truth of his confessions.

Although Marco La Terra was a mild mannered family father, he was a ruthless businessman and well respected in the Italian community. He was connected to a large family and had many, many friends, and Deborah knew he had a fercious temper if slighted by anyone. His businesses were widespread and he was wealthy in his own right. Deborah was not aware of the extent of his financial strength. They had a beautiful house, cars and all the rest but still lived a relatively non-extravagant lifestyle. Blessed with two lovely girls aged nine and fourteen, the pride and joy of Marco, he would never understand the affair Deborah had with Pierre. Deborah, went home feeling totally sick and before she reached their house, she had to stop the car and collect herself. Marco would no doubt ask immediately about the will and her presence at the reading.

It was not a question of if he found out, it was just a question of when, and he would probably kill her.


feedback van andere lezers

  • GoNo2
    To be continued
    killea: yes... thanks gono2
  • Mephistopheles
    I have a big mouth (according to my mother) but when I read you I never find the correct words to tell you how good you are. So that being said, I'll keep it plain and simple: You're good, June!!!
    killea: Thank you so much, Bert
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