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I Give, Devise and Bequeath (7)

door killea

Marco spent the next three days going to the hospital to sit with Deborah. He would hold her hand and they would talk about their lives up to this point, and as the swelling in her face receded and the bruises lessened, the ice around his heart melted. He was in love all over again. On the third day he kissed her ever so gently, testing, tasting and when she returned his kiss, their future was sealed. "Tomorrow when you're discharged I will pick you up and take you to my apartment, at least until you are fully recovered", he said in his quiet forceful way. When Debby started to protest, he silenced her with another kiss.

After Debby was settled comfortably in Marco's big bed, she smiled and asked , "Where are you sleeping tonight?" With feigned shock, Marco replied, "On the sofa of course!" and gave her a gentle kiss. Although it was superfluous, Marco had arranged for a nurse to come in once a day to see to Becky, and she would help her shower and dress in the morning. With the help of careful make-up she looked herself again, and the vision of this angel in his domain made Marco extremely happy. They had not mentioned Debby's husband at all, and on the fourth night Marco after having worked for several hours in his office a few levels below his penthouse, he came back, showered and slipped into bed beside Debby. She was turned away from him, lying on her side with her plastered arm above the sheet. He softly stroked her hair and kissed the back of her neck, which sent a shudder through her body. She turned on her back and opened her eyes to look into his. Kissing deep and long, he carefully manoeuvered his hand to caress her breasts, her nipples hardening under his touch. He was swollen and pulsating with desire. She moaned and kissed him with such unquenchable passion. He pushed her tenderly back on her side and slipped his hand between he legs. Her response was immediate, and as he entered her, he fleetingly thought of his youthful unfulfilled desires for this moment, with this beautiful creature. They slept all night with his arms wrapped around her.

The next morning at breakfast Marco took her hand and asked her to marry him. He said his lawyers would take care of the divorce, her furniture would be put in storage until they could find a bigger home and all her personal things would be brought here. Becky just nodded and smiled.

Marco entered his office that morning with a smile on his face, which led his employees to look at each other with raised eyebrows. His usual serious demeanour, had been replaced with a warmhearted expression unbeknown to his people. Marco now thought of the ensuing row he would have to have with his mother. She had been badgering him for the past four years to find some nice virgin Italian girl, and give her grandchildren.
At the age of almost thirty, he was sure it would have been hard to find such a partner, unless he went to the back waters of a Sicilian mountain village, and even there things had changed. His mother would have to accept his choice and no doubt she would, when she realized how happy he felt. To marry a divorcee, would only inflame his mother's trepidation, so he would keep that to himself for the time being.

Three months later they were married at St Patrick's Cathedral, which could barely hold the number of guests invited. The celebrations were held in the Hyatt hotel and went on deep into the night. By the time it was midnight, Marco only wanted to be alone with his beloved wife and they slipped away unnoticed to the suite they had booked in the hotel. Their love for each other overflowing in passionate love making, the kind that borders on desperation as if it was the last night to be had. And as they slipped into the realms of sleep, so delightful and easy after the fervent satiation of their bodies, Marco had no inkling that the love of his life would one day become his Achilles' Heel.


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