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I Give Devise and Bequeath (10)

door killea

Alex's family had been extremely worried about his disappearance, especially as the police had been around to look for him to charge him with assault. Still extremely weak, he and Frank went to the Salvation Army open house, where he could make a call to one of his brothers who came within twenty minutes to pick him up. Frank wanted to say goodbye when the car arrived, but Alex would not hear of it and bundled him into the back seat. "God, you guys stink!", Michael said. "Where the hell have you been Alex, you look like shit. What's been going on? Ma is out of her mind with worry!" "Not now. Just take me to the restaurant. I don't want to have to tell it over twice." Alex was exhausted and still very ill. He decided he would hide out in the flat above the restaurant run by his brothers, until he had his strength back and could decide what to do. For now he just wanted to sleep.

At the flat his mother cried when she saw him. There was also his Aunt, sister, three nephews and two brothers present, all talking at once. Frank stepped into one of the corners, overwhelmed with the commotion. Alex finally put up his hands and told everyone to be silent. He then took his Aunt Helen, his mother and brothers and Frank into one of the bedrooms. Quickly he told them what had happened and Frank's part, then barely able to stand on his feet, he sank down on the bed. They all looked at each other then at Frank, who only nodded his head. Aunt Helen, then said "Okey, here what we gonna do. Frankie you need a bath, sister you get some soupa for our sick boy and put him to bed. An' you two get back to da kouzina. We have family meeting later.
Pigaino! Pigaino!" With that she pulled Frank by his coat with two reluctant fingers all the way to the bathroom, telling him to strip off while she turned on the taps to fill the bath. She told Frank she would be back in two minutes and if he hadn't stripped off she would do it for him. Frank could just do as he was told. She came back with a big plastic rubbish bag and stuffed Frank's clothes into it, muttering in Greek and clicking her tongue. Frank sitting in the not yet filled tub could only smile sheepishly. "Now you wash good Frankie. I gonna be back to scrub your piso!" Fuck, thought Frankie grabbing the soap, what the hell is a Piso?

Alex slept for two days on and off. A Greek doctor friend of the family came and went a couple of times and the women fussed over him, and while he slept Frank sat with him.
When he was able to function again, it had already been decided by the family that he had to disappear for a while until it could be figured out what to do about the La Terra's attempt to murder him. Passports had been procured, bank accounts opened in new names. Aunt Helen who had taken a motherly fancy to Frank was adamant that he go with their boy to Canada. And Frank, who looked about ten years younger after his clean-up, could only nod in the face of such a strong-willed woman.

Teary goodbyes and they were off to a new life. It would be years before Alex and Frank returned, but return they would. One day in the future…….


feedback van andere lezers

  • Ivan
    I will start to read it all from the beginning, regards Ivan Grud
    killea: Thank you Ivan
  • Mephistopheles
    killea: Thanks again
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