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door killea

What I miss from my home
So very far away
Are the early summer mornings,
A cup of tea at the break of day
Listening to the melodious warble
Of the magpies at dawn's light
While the kookaburra laughsÖ
An atmosphere, of pure delight
The air so fresh and scented
By the tall gum trees
The bush slowly awakening in the
Gentle morning breeze.
I miss the milk bars
And foods of my childhood
Not so trendy now,
Still taste so very good
I miss the pies, and vegemite
And the Aussie sliced bread
Fish and chips, potato cakes
Mouth is watering, enough said
The authentic ethnic restaurants
And the fabulous shopping malls
The exciting Victoria Market
Its rows and rows of stalls.
But what I miss even more than that
Is the friendliness in the street
Without formalities or any fuss
You can talk to anyone you meet
And on the whole you can feel it,
A society just a little less stressed
A more casual way of life
Australians are truly blessed
I miss the picnics on the beach
The country fairs and races
The beautiful Yarra River
And many, many other places
When nostalgia takes over
I miss my wonderful old friends
I only see them now and then
Too soon a visit ends
Tearful goodbyes are part of my life
I chose it, and so must endure
Decisions made long ago
Were they right? I'm really not so sure
But the heartache and the yearning
Will resonate with some
When I tell you, most of all
I miss my dear old Mum.


feedback van andere lezers

  • aquaangel
    killea: Thanks, Angel.

  • lazey


    killea: Thanks, Lazey.

  • Peerke
    What the 'Bleep' are you still doing here?
    (and take us all with you...;-)
    killea: Life is often so bleeped up!
  • lief
    I've never been 'Down Under'!

    killea: thank you, Lief.
  • stater
    wonderful poem, June.. I do recognize.. even the shortest vacation makes me homesick..

    cheerio, Eli xx

    killea: Thank you, Eli only those who know what it feels like can understand.
  • jamal
    your hearth is bouncing at my screen
    with a pain my soul once may have seen
    sollutions aren't there, only just go into between
    my mother as a daugther missing her only queen

    I feel with you June!

    killea: Dearest Jamal, thank you ever so much.
  • Magdalena
    Killea, wat een heimwee+++!!

    killea: Thank you, Magdalena. It comes and goes and I know if I lived
    there now, I would have the same wretched feelings for Holland.
  • otiske
    Heimwee doet soms pijn, heel goed geschreven hoor, groetjes.
    killea: Thank you, Otiske.

  • bragt
    mooi, zonder tranerig te worden.
    In Zuid-AustraliŽ zien ze de zon van Oost over Noord naar West verschuiven. Dat Noorden omvat dan ook wel Nederland, dus dat zit goed
    killea: Thank you, Braqt.

  • Francis
    But what I miss even more than that
    Is the friendliness in the street

    Is what s all about, iff you ever go back , give me a sign maybe I ll come with you.
    Gr Frans xx
    killea: Love you to do that, with your track record (just joking) it would probably the the adventure of my life!!!!

  • lucky
    waarom ben je dan gegaan

    hoef het niet te zeggen
    ieder vertrek heeft zijn reden
    killea: Everyone has a story!
  • backlash
    Been there, seen this, done that ... Australia (Queensland) : the most beautiful journey I ever, ever made. Just reading your poem made me feel weak with longing to go back. x
    killea: Hope you will one day.

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